Insanity topped with wrinkled words

Do we need likes and comments to brush our egos smooth silky threads? Is there a point where the sharing becomes a regurgitating mechanism causing its subject to wither and deflate into a pool of used saliva? Everyone dumping their stuff in status for innocent retinas to┬áponder and consume with know knowing. Quotes losing faith along with collagen. Words becoming empty and frail wrinkling up in piles like prunes. Constant consuming our eyes are hungry, blinking less to stare more. To be lost in the ‘out there’ through him around her…

I am this, this is who I am, acknowledge me, if you acknowledge me I can acknowledge me, oh that makes me feel like somebody, who wants to be a nobody, nobody, hmmm this feeling is wearing off maybe i need some more acknowledging, oh that’s better, I’m somebody again, maybe ill add this to my who I am because that person has that in their who they are, fits nicely, acknowledge me please

Todays Special
Insanity topped with wrinkled words (cream optional)

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